I decided Aphex twin should have it’s own page, but then I decided to dedicate the page to a rough genre: electronica.  My tastes in music with this genre began with Aphex Twin, and from there I was able to appreciate all sorts of music.

Aphex Twin came really late in my life, It was a project created by Richard D. James in England during the late 80′s.  Here is the album that got me into his music, which was released in 1996.

This video is amazing in every way.

And another.

The dark side of Twin was just around the corner for me….

I heard this track way before I knew it was Aphex Twin, or even saw the video.

I should dedicate an entire page to Chris Cunningham alone, and his works with video!

My friend Moose showed me this next video, I rarely felt that happy ever.  It is now one of me and my sister’s favorite videos.

This next track makes me happy:simply.  I’m glad to exist just to behold this.

Inner reflection is a necessity, why not achieve it peacefully through calm meditation, and Aphex Twin.

Seriously Richard to the D to the J-A-M-E-S makes some of the most calming, self reflecting music I’ve ever heard.  I enjoy taking hot baths to this kind of thing to relax.

And now back to the nitty gritty Twin.

Boards of Canada is even more special to me than Aphex Twin (if possible).  Introduced to me by my good friend Moose in the post-mid 2000′s.  It helped open my mind, body and soul to all sorts of things musicwise, and energywise.


Amon Tobin kicks ass (insert picture of Cartman here).  It’s dark, it’s playfull, and artfully organic while retaining that industrial feel at the same time.

Now into Bonobo.  This is like electronica made love with jazz music.  It’s really deep and imaginative.

I’m posting this album to my site and I didn’t know it was even released!!!!!  Damn it…..

God is an Astronaut.



The artist known as TOKiMONSTA is actually in this video, and it kicks ass.

Tiny People.

Massive Attack.